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Why Manage Anger?

• Men Helping Men with Anger Management (MHMWAM) Class

Our 25-year+ certified Level 2 anger management classes that have served over 2700 men.

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Is the Men Helping Men with Anger Management (MHMWAM) Class at TCMC right for you?

When most men are told that they need anger management, they respond by saying, "I don't need anger management", "I'm not angry", or "They are the ones who need the anger management, not me".

The reality is that everyone would benefit by taking a class in anger management. It tends to be a case where everyone sees it except the person who needs it! Could this person be you?

Do you...

  • make generalizations, support stereotypes, tell disrespectful jokes or make demeaning comments about other people?
  • Interrupt others when they are talking?
  • feel tense, stressed, anxious or angry when discussing important issues?
  • jump to conclusions or make assumptions, rather than clarifying?
  • blame others for your feelings by saying things like: "you're really making me mad", or thinking that: "she/he is the reason I get so pissed off"?
  • act critical and judgmental about others thoughts, ideas, opinions or feelings?
  • blame others when things go wrong at home, at work or while you are driving?
  • stomp out or leave abruptly in the middle of an argument or conflict?

If you answered "yes" to any of these, the Men Helping Men With Anger Class at the Twin Cities Men's Center is right for you!

Our 12-week Men Helping Men With Anger Management (MHMWAM) course supports individuals who are having difficulty effectively handling their anger.

The class involves both written assignments and educational presentations to help you learn to recognize how you escalate and to deal more effectively with controlling attitudes and behaviors and feelings of anger, frustration, and resentment that have led to intimidating and abusive behaviors, punishing withdrawals from others or other self-destructive behaviors in the past.

The class comes with a 115-page manual that is yours to keep.

This is a Men-Helping-Men Class — not a class of "shoulds" on behavior dictated by women.

TCMC's MHMWAM course has been vetted and approved by the courts of Hennepin County as a Level 2 Anger Management course, and our certificate is accepted and recognized by the courts of the Seven-County, Twin Cities Metro Area.

Our certificates have also been accepted by courts in Ohio, Texas and Alaska.

It is one of the longest running, and most affordable Anger Management courses in the Twin Cities. Our textbook was written by, and our curriculum designed by local psychologist, David Decker, M.A. Upon completing this course, you will be able to identify the skills needed to...

  • end threatening or intimidating behavior
  • decrease the frequency of your emotional and verbal abuse
  • end punishing withdrawals with others
  • accept responsibility for your past abusive behavior(s)
  • become clearer about how explosive anger affects you and others around you
  • identify and express more openly all the feelings that you experience
  • identify and deal more effectively with life stressors as they arise
  • experience more control over yourself and your behaviors actions
  • better understand your anger and escalation process
  • and MORE!!

Here is what some past class participants have said about the Twin Cities Men's Center's Men Helping Men With Anger class:

"I went through the Anger Management program in the Fall of 2012. The material alone is worth the cost of the class. The group was a little larger than I expected (14) but I got a lot of benefit out of participating in the class. I can honestly say it changed my life." ~ Todd

"I was a little worried when I signed up for this class. I didn't want to sit in a classroom with a bunch of angry, pissed off men. By about week 5 or 6, I was actually looking FORWARD to the class! I can't believe how much WE LAUGHED every week! It became the highlight of my week!" ~ Tom

"What a great, welcoming place this is. I've been taking anger management courses here and it's been a delight. Great environment, great education. I recommend this to any Man looking to change their outlook on things." ~ Jo

"Very inviting and helpful staff, have groups for all types of men's topics run by men for men." ~ Rhys

"Changed my life" ~ Charles

"Do something for yourself, for the rest of your life!" ~ Christopher

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