Presentations - June / July 2000

The Men's Center Board appreciates the volunteer presenters who return from time to time and welcome first timers. Their presentations add a new dimension to our weekly Wednesday night gatherings.

Please take time to read the descriptions and plan to attend if they stimulate your interest. Bring a friend to share the experience and acquaint him/her with the Men's Center. Each presentation is intended to promote personal growth, stimulate your interest in a topic, and to give you an opportunity to interact with other attendees.

We are always looking for new presenters and topics. Please call Randy at The Men's Center, 612-822-5892 with your ideas and names. We appreciate your help.

Presentations are the sole responsibility of the presenter(s). The Men's Center does not endorse, takes no specific position, nor does it hold any opinion on the presentations, or of any information imparted, or of the presenter(s) themselves.

The Men's Center is a RESOURCE for the community, a clearing house for information of all kinds, agreeable or not, to one's beliefs. Listen, participate and make your own decisions.

All groups meet at TMC, 3249 Hennepin Ave. So, Suite 55, unless otherwise noted. These low cost presentations are shown in the Calendar of Events and a more extensive description follows. No pre-registration is needed; entrance fees collected at the door are:

  • Non-Members of TMC $5.
  • Regular Members ($20 level) - $3
  • Patron Members - FREE

Note: All events are for men only unless otherwise stated.

June / July 2000

Human Development and Relationships
Presenter: Jerome Schoenecker
Wednesday, June 7, 7 - 9 pm
Open to Men & Women

Why does human development have such a profound effect on our ability to relate with intimacy? Why does it take so long and how can we accelerate our growth so we can attract more mature partners? These questions and more will be discussed.

Jerome Schoenecker is a life coach and personal development trainer. He is currently the site coordinator for The Center For Father’s and Families in Hopkins,Minnesota.

Learn About Psychogenic Psychohistory
Presenter: Jim Duffy
Wednesday, June 14, 7 - 9 pm
Open to Men & Women

Learn how psychogenic psychohistory enables us to better understand the social world we all must live in. Based on the extraordinary research of Lloyd de Mause, psychogenic psychohistory explains how the evolution of the capacity for human love, over the centuries, reduces human trauma and results in improvement in human relationships and social arrangements.

Jim Duffy is a familiar presenter at the Men’s Center, has a reputation for his unusual subjects and interests, if sometimes controversial, presentations on a variety of useful topics on human condition. An independent writer and consultant, Jim scours human-studies research to find highly practical and user-friendly approaches to understanding the condition that is called human.

The Art Of Togetherness
Presenter: David Mueller
Wednesday, June 21, 7 - 9 pm
Open to Men & Women

In our culture, frequently intimacy is viewed exclusively in terms of sexual activity. Yet, our spiritual, emotional, and physical desires for giving and receiving intimacy invite us to be creative in a much wider variety of experiences. This learning adventure will focus on renewing our ability to get in touch with ourselves and our partner in a simple, nurturing fashion. We will play with the interaction of energy and relaxation as we explore safe ways to express sincere playfulness and effortlessly be together.

This experience is designed for couples of all varieties. You need only bring an open heart, someone you feel comfortable sitting close to and a blanket or exercise mat for your comfort.

David Mueller actively supports people exploring the art of living through personal and professional life/wellness coaching, massage therapy/bodywork, workshops and therapeutic entertainment as well as offering a free e-mail wellness newsletter, AwareNet.
E-mail: Website:

Spirituality & Psychology
Presenter: Jim Michel
Wednesday, June 28, 7 - 9 pm
Open to Men & Women

Jim will discuss his experiences of the integration of spirituality and psychology using the concepts of Carl Jung, the 12 steps of AA/Alanon and his therapy practice. There will be opportunity for interaction with Jim.

Jim Michel, MA.L.P. is a psychologist in private practice in South Minneapolis. He has presented at the Men’s Center in the past.

Wednesday, July 5

Issues Relating To Divorce
Presenter: Kelley Lorix
Wednesday, July 12, 7 - 9 pm
Open to Men & Women

Kelley’s presentation will include how to prepare financially and strategically for a divorce, child support, spousal maintenance, custody and visitation - what the options are and how it will affect support, property - what happens to the house, pensions and other items acquired during the marriage.
This session will include question and answer session geared to helping you with the exact problems you may be faced with in your lives.

A private practice attorney, Kelley Lorix has better than fourteen years in state courts throughout Minnesota litigating, arbitrating and mediating the issues of concern to all of us as we go through divorce.

Making Life Changes Through Hypnosis
Presenter: Jack Russinoff
Wednesday, July 19, 7 - 9 pm
Open to Men & Women

Jack’s presentation will be on clinical hypnosis. It will help participants understand how clinical hypnosis as a part of psychotherapy can be useful in obtaining goals and making changes and how people can do some of that within the limits on their own for making changes. Participants will learn to do hypnosis as a group. Jack will talk about the myths and misconceptions about what hypnosis is and what it isn’t.
Jack Russinoff is a M.A. licensed psychotherapist, division director of Beyond and Onward program of Metropolitan Community Health Center. He was formerly the clinical director of Health Human Services for over 5 years and is in private practice as a psychologist in St. Paul. He is certified in clinical hypnosis.

Sexual Beings - Being Sexual
Presenter: Roxanne Anderson
Wednesday, July 26, 7 - 9 pm
Open to Men & Women

This presentation will involve both large and small group interactive discussions about what, if any are differences between Sexual Beings and Being Sexual. Exploration and discussion regarding sexual topics and. how those things influence behavior.

Some Facilitated Discussion Points

Also included, a "who, what, when, where, why Brainstorm". A round robin brainstorm where participants shout out answers to questions about sexual fantasy and pleasure.

Roxanne is a 30 something, mixed race, bi-cultural mother of one Dyke. She's driven by the urge to socially serve the community. Focusing on bridging communities keeps her in focus. Recognition, awareness, and prevention are the keys to survival. Most believe quote " If you are not part of the solution your part of the problem."

Wrestling with Addiction Demons
Presenter: Martha & Roy Sanbower
Wednesday, August 2, 7 - 9 pm
Open to Men & Women

From regularly finding ourselves glued to the T.V. or overeating to active substance abuses most of us have at least some addictive tendencies. What is it that is so captivating about these experiences ? Is there something potentially transformational in our addictions ? How can awareness of our body’s feelings be useful in working with our addictions and addictive tendencies ?

Through discussion and experiential work we will explore our addictive processes and attempt to answer these questions.

Roy Sanbower, D.C. is a chiropractor and Martha Sanbower, M.A., D.P.W. is a psychotherapist and certified process worker. They have been practicing in Minneapolis for over 20 years.