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We have been a vital part of the Twin Cities community for decades, and almost all of our services have been provided by volunteers like you. Volunteer your time at a support group. Perhaps you have a skill like carpentry or desktop publishing you can offer TCMC. Or maybe you have office equipment / supplies that you'd like to give. Call our Office Manager at 612-822-5892 and ask how you can help. See our complete volunteer list.



Volunteer Needed


Part Time Volunteer needed in main office to assist general manager with office administration as well as general maintenance of office facilities. PC proficiency required.

Flexible times needed any PM except Wednesday,
1-2 days per week, 2-4 hours per day.

The Men's Center provides resources for men seeking to grow in body, mind and spirit, and from that foundation advocates for healthier family and community relationships. TCMC offers an array of support groups, workshops, presentations and brunches for men and in certain cases women.

Twin Cities Men's Center
3249 Hennepin Ave S #55
Minneapolis MN 55408

612 822-5892

Bakery Delivery Volunteer Wanted

The Men's Center is looking for a volunteer who will deliver donated bakery goods to our St. Paul Group location. Must have your own transportation. Call Randy at 612-822-5892

Randy Genrich

Incarcerated Men Ask For Help

The Men's Center office often receives letters from men who are incarcerated asking for men with whom they can communicate with for support. They know about the Men's Center from our outreach to prisons. If you are interested in writing to Men who are in prison or want more information, please call Randy at 612-822-5892.

Randy Genrich

Give to the Gerald Obremski
Anger Management Scholarship Fund

Gerald was a long time facilitator of the anger management program and a treasurer of the twin cities men's center. For over 12 years Gerald conducted classes and generously donated not only his time but also office space in Hopkins. Gerald was always reaching out to other men, giving them support to help men become more than their childhood patterns. Last September, Gerald passed away.

A scholarship fund to partially cover the cost of the class( now $250) has been set up to honor Gerry's legacy and to continue the work of helping men. If you are grateful for the anger management class, please send a contribution so others can take this class. Please send in the coupon below with your contribution.

Obremski Scholarship Fund
Phone #___________________Dollar Amount________


Thank you, John Hesch, Anger Management Coordinator, cell 612-229-3102

Enjoy the Healing Power of Ritual at
TCMC Monthly Men’s Healing Ritual

All of us are indigenous to the Earth (presumably!), so each of us has within us an indigenous spirit that seeks expression more than ever in the bustle of modern life. The healing ritual is a homecoming for our indigenous self that seeks to rekindle its special purpose and mission of service out of the ashes of society’s consumptive, fiery nature. We lean in on our shadows and ancestors alike to help guide the way home to reconnection with our spirit, aided by drum, rattle, smoke, dance, and meditation. We show gratitude for the abundance of the earth by sharing a delicious feast with each other and to honor all life with a meditation for peace. Are you ready to come home and reclaim a bit more of your true self?
Join us each month near the full moon, and together we’ll help mend the sacred masculine at TCMC. Open to all men, all ages. No fee, donations welcome.

Here's the upcoming dates of the Men's Healing Ritual through August 2014
Feb 16, 3rd Sunday
Mar 16, 3rd Sunday
Apr 13, 2nd Sunday
May 18, 3rd Sunday
June 15, 3rd Sunday
July 13, 2nd Sunday
August 10, 2nd Sunday

-- Facilitator: Dan Gorbunow, AMT

The Men’s Retirement Group Change

The Men's Retirement Group which usually meets on the 3rd Sundays, will meet the 2nd Sunday of June, the 8th at the usual time of 5:30 pm. This group is for men who are thinking of retirement, or who have retired. It is an opportunity to share feelings with other men about the importance of work, and what happens when paid employment is no longer a part of a man's life.

– Norm Petrik, Facilitator


Uptown Area Space to Rent

The Men's Center, 3249 Hennepin Ave S has daytime & weekend space available. Private, quiet, confidential.

Especially suitable for therapists, small groups, or yoga classes.

Space Rental Rate Schedule:

Not for profit

Profit event

Full Day (8 hrs)



Half Day (4 hrs)






(612) 822-5892

Donate to the Men's Center

Online using PayPal:

or through United Way and the Community Solutions Fund.

Remember, if your company participates in the United Way Campaign or the Community Solutions Fund, you can designate the Men's Center as payroll deduction donation. We are a 501c(3) non-profit organization that is tax-exempt. United Way will issue tax receipts that you can use to validate your gift.

Talk to your company about giving or call Randy at 612-822-5892 for more info.

Become part of the 20 x 12 Honor Roll

This is a new type of membership that is designed to acknowledge and make it easier for those members who have consistently supported us.
Here's how:

  • Join by paying $20 a month (or $240 at once)
  • On the Honor Roll, you no longer need to donate money at meetings
  • You are recognized on a Men's Center plaque
  • You are invited to an annual honors dinner

Call 612 / 822-5892 today!

Thanks for your support!